Friday, July 8, 2011

Fan Dies After Josh Hamilton Tosses Him Baseball

Hasn't Josh Hamilton been through enough? That's what my husband said this morning as we learned the ball player tossed a ball to a fan last evening, and the fan fell from the stands reaching for the ball, dying from the impact with the ground. The fan's young son remained in the stands. Josh Hamilton, Lord, has been through so much. He is no stranger to struggle; his life story is the kind they make movies out of. There is no more sensitive man to have this happen to. Why? people are asking, and, of course, the implication slices through the air toward You.

You could have stopped this, yes, but You didn't, and we're not able to explain why Your hand is seen in one place but not in another in these specific ways we ask for. But, one thing we do know is Your hand is there. Your hand cradled Your son as he fell. It cradled the fan's son as he watched his dad fall. It cradled Josh when he learned the fan had died. And now we watch. You will bring great good out of this tragedy. You will be the strength that all participants pick up to respond, to reach out, to use to heal. The fan's death will bless, the boy's sorrow will bless, and this cross You have allowed placed on Josh's shoulder will bless.

Tragedy hollows out within us a void. When this void is filled by You, the power, grace, and gift is potent. Oh, Lord, be quick to fill the void hollowed out in this fan's family, in his son, in those who watched, in Josh. Thank You for surrounding them with Your presence. May Your comfort be in the very air they breathe.

After he fell, the man's concern was with his son. He wanted those around him to know his son was alone in the stands. This father's heart reflects Your Sacred Heart, O Christ, and reminds us of Your words: "... you will always have someone with you...

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